Got an App Idea? Try Prototyping Your App With Keynotopia


One of the great things about the mobile industry is that people are constantly coming up with new app ideas. How often have you encountered an everyday life problem and thought: “I should make an app that solves this problem.”? Keynotopia is a new startup that lets you create prototypes with simple drag and drop tools, and even lets you test your app. More info after the break.

Keynotopia in 90 seconds from Amir Khella on Vimeo.

The way the software works is that you select a Keynotopia UI template which enables you to prototype and test your app in 30 minutes or less. You can use familiar software such as Powerpoint, Keynote, and OpenOffice Impress. Keynotopia gives you access to thousands of high fidelity vector user interface components, designed in Keynote, Powerpoint and OpenOffice, and fully editable and customizable without needing additional design tools.

Check out Keynotopia for templates you can purchase to get your prototype started. If this is an iPhone or iPad app, you can even test it using the Keynotopia apps.

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