Share Price and BBM Down: Bad Timing To Say the Least


You may have noticed BBM down today as the service has been acting up for various regions and carriers. We have reports from both Toronto and Waterloo that BBM isn’t working. Have you experienced any problems? Let us know. More details after the break.

You can tell we haven’t written about an outage in a while because of the pictured model

We haven’t written about an outage for a long time and generally we stopped writing about them because RIM is pretty solid. RIM can maintain a 99% uptime which is pretty incredible given its size and infrastructure. Really, in order to have 100% uptime it would cost the company and the end user quite a bit.

The BBM outage comes at a horrible time though as RIM’s stock has taken a dive as well. After the Q2 financial reports, RIM’s share price has fallen -20.45% and now sits around 23.48.

Is BBM down for you at all today?

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  • JL

    Down in Calgary, AB

  • T.O. GUY


  • Chiclit

    Down in new brunswick, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina…working now it seems

  • Louie

    hey mamma joe where did u get this outrages fix? works for but not for anyone around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so tell me where these numbers of your came out of??

  • Maguian

    up and down all day in vancouver

  • Kyle McInnes

    Do people really believe this stuff works?

  • Kyle McInnes

    Looks pretty grim today from all the comments.

  • Irodrigo

    It was down most of the afternoon in the Dominican Rep.



  • BCMike

    A bbm contact of mine here in BC had the problem.  Not really sure what carrier he’s on.  I’m a Roger’s client and didn’t have any outages.

  • Zman

    I didn’t have any outage in Peru, yestarday noon it was somewhat slow (it usually is real a real time deal) but acceptable and definitely working…

  • Anonymous

    Down all day yesterday, Bell subscriber in Toronto, in Kingston for the day. And now I can’t get incoming BBMs.

  • Kdaddy

    No Problems here in Decatur Texas, BBM working great. We can’t get an Iphone Platinum1, we need a battery that will last over two hours…..:)

  • Kevin – Blackberry 9810 Freak

    Hi Everybody

    I’m from a Telecoms Company in South Africa. Blackberrys market share 5 years ago was under 2% and currently 70%. The consumer uptake has been amazing. We sell roughly about 200 Blackberrys daily (online)

    From 2% to and odd 70% that’s awesome.


  • Kevin – Blackberry 9810 Freak

    @PLATINUM1 The iPhone 4 is not very popular. Blackberry still dominates the South African market.

  • Caspan

    Can I please ask every one a small favor…. If you have no idea what something does please stop telling everyone else to do it! Unless your best friend is a network engineer on BBM from RIM or Jim Balsillie or Mike Lazaridis give you this message (Im going to type in bold so that means im yelling)


    RIM will never get you to do this and if for some strange reason you were required to broadcast every single user on your contact list to re-establish their connection they would inform you directly not through a friend of a friend. Please think about things this is why security sucks in business because people dont stop and just really think for 2 seconds what they are doing. They think they are doing their friends a service but instead you are causing a problem, “well ill just tell everyone about how to fix this problem even though I dont know how to fix it, or if this even works” 

    If one of your firends seen that you were sick and told you take some medication they had in their pocket and they were not a doctor and there was no label on it as to whats in it or where it came from, oh and also your friend has no idea where it came form and neither does the friend that gave it to him but he was told it works, would you take it? Would you not ask simple questions like “Whats in it? what will it do? Why would I do that? Maybe I should ask a dr that knows about this stuff” please do the same for this kind of stuff and anything to do with computers! I get that people don’t know much about computers so they think they have to do this, but if you have no idea then don’t do it! If you have no idea then ask questions, if you have no idea then ask someone that does. Please please please stop sending BBM, emails, if you have no idea what it really does…..

    okay I am done.

    Oh and by the way if you post this message on 5 other blogs then come back here and post it where it is Mike Lazaridis  has authorized me to give everyone a free BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 for stopping the BBM messages as it is taking down their BBM servers… 

  • Sherryschottky

    Down in London

  • Sherryschottky

    Down in London

  • Shadysaid_90


  • Shadysaid_90


  • Shadysaid_90


  • Toxxyc

    But iPhone is still working in South Africa.  Oh, and the Android market is rapidly expanding, even in South Africa. It’s funny how the hate toward one service can skyrocket the sales of the next, simply for the sake of “not having a BB”.

  • facebook likes

    down in london 3 day in a row!!

    although i did get a few emails through all 3 mornings

  • Sweetness121

    dow in belgium

  • Sweetness121

    dow in belgium