Xploding Boxes by Ebscer Now Available for the PlayBook


Xploding Boxes is one of our favorite puzzle games for its simplicity and visual effects. The game has been a hit on the smartphone and Ebscer has announced that it’s now available for the PlayBook. Hit the jump for more details.

Xploding Boxes is a simple game where you have to explode every box on the screen with a limited number of touches. Some boxes take a little more to explode than others so it gets much harder as the levels progress. What’s also really great about this game is that Ebscer has taken the time to use in-app purchasing to make for a freemium experience. The first 25 levels are free, while the full 215 levels can be accessed by making an in-application payment and requiring no further downloads.

Check out Xploding Boxes for the PlayBook in App World.

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