Foursquare Global Hackathon Hacks Live Including Zsquare for iPhone #4sqhackathon


Last weekend foursquare held a global hackathon where developers all over the world sat down with the foursquare API to see what they could come up with. The results were pretty awesome and BlackBerryCool was at the Ottawa event checking out the local talent. There were a couple awesome projects on the go including a framework for developing foursquare applications, and a game called Zsquare for the iPhone. More after the break.

The foursquare hackathon in Ottawa was hosted by Magmic and about 15+ showed up to the event from around town. Zsquare was one of the projects being worked on at the event and it’s a game created by Ian MacDonald, Allen Pestaluky and Jon McCaffrey (from Algonquin College). The iOS zombie game was implemented over the roughly 24 hour period for the hackathon and submitted to foursquare Sunday night.

The idea behind Zsquare is that you have to checkin before time runs out and avoid being overrun by a horde and turned into a zombie. It’s a fun game that encourages a lot of checkins and for that reason alone foursquare will probably enjoy it.

There are a ton of other apps and games to check out (or check in) on the foursquare hackathon page at

Check out the Zsquare page here or you can get it for your iPhone from Magmic at

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