Rove Mobile Admin Demonstrates Disaster Recovery Potential


We’ve written about Mobile Admin several times on BlackBerryCool and most recently they sent us over some validation for their product in terms of disaster recovery. Mobile Admin generally lets IT administrators perform their jobs from their smartphone and it’s interesting to see how the product helps during natural disasters. More after the jump.

An intro to Mobile Admin

Rove’s Mobile Admin product was successfully used by the Bristol Group to manage a network of 15 locations throughout the islands of The Bahamas following Hurricane Irene. Here is the a quote from the company.

“During Hurricane Irene our team was able to monitor and manage a network of 15 locations throughout the islands of The Bahamas, using Android phones connected by GPRS (2G Edge). We would not have been able to do so without Rove Mobile Admin. It has been invaluable in getting the business back up following the hurricane. Our small support team has had to constantly use Mobile Admin whilst traveling the islands through areas where only the mobile network is available. This is an easy to use and incredibly cost effective platform which requires little to no maintenance after initial setup, and it has allowed us to cut ties with the managed services provider saving us tens of thousands of dollars a year,” explained Craig Thackray, Vice President of Business Intelligence at Bristol Group.

It would be interesting to see RIM buy Rove as it would complement the BES product, allowing IT admins to monitor and troubleshoot BES issues from their BlackBerry.

More information about Rove’s product available on its site.

  • Hardened

    There is no need to purchase Rove. Their a platinum partner of RIM, have been since that program began and Rove is a true innovator in the mobile space - not a niche product/brand. If RIM were to buy them it should’ve been 2 years ago when deciding to support iOS/Android device management as Rove have great tools for this as well. 

    The key point is with a browser, secure VPN connection (SSL) then BES 5.x is available - along with BES Monitoring with any device that can mimic IE7/8/9 or Safari and Firefox; I know because I do this daily outside of work and on weekends. BES Monitoring service gives the traditional basics that Rove Mobile (and their previous business name a few years back) where known for. 

    Hardened … out.