App Roundup Zombie Edition: BlackBerry, iPhone and Android


Since Halloween is fast approaching, what better way is there to celebrate the upcoming occasion than filling your smartphone with zombie paraphernalia? This week we’re checking out zombified games and apps for BlackBerry, Android, and iOS. Let’s see what’s hot-or rather, dead cold-on the three major smartphone platforms.



This game is definitely geared towards people who enjoy first-person shooters. As a “gyroscopic” shooter, ZombieMoon has more depth than your average mobile FPS. Gameplay has been optimized for the iPhone 4′s retina display, so the graphics are decent. There are tons of levels, an awesome arsenal of weapons, as well as Game Center and Facebook integration. The only downside is that the game only supports iPhone 4 and 4th generation iPod Touch.

Zombie Sound Board

Do you want to freak out (or annoy) your office coworkers and/or friends? Sound board apps are perfect for that, and this one is no exception. It’s free and it’s full of sound clips ranging from a zombie’s groan to the roar of a chainsaw. The app also allows you to adjust the pitch of each sound. You know, the lower the pitch, the creepier the sound; or, the higher the pitch, the funnier (or more annoying) the sound. Even if you wouldn’t use this app, I guarantee that you know someone who would.



Of all the countless photo- and video-editing apps, this one might be the creepiest. You can pull videos and photos from your library, add gory facial features, and the share them with your friend. That’s not even the creepy part. The app transforms your photos into 3D, animated zombie photos. Yeah. The zombified-you in the photo will breath, scrowl, blink, and, if you get too close, it might try to eat you. Download at your own risk.

Zombie Live

Zombie Live has a player base of over 1 million players, so when we say it’s a massive multiplayer online game, we mean it. With a neat back story, the game is set up like a virtual card game similar to the Mafia Wars Facebook games. You tabs that organize your weapons and abilities, your missions, and your team members. It’s pretty simple but requires you to analyze and develop strategies to strengthen and grow your zombie horde. It’s highly addictive and a fun time-waster.


Zombie Rabbit Hunter

This is an older BlackBerry title, but it’s still a good one. You’re a hunter charged with saving the world from a species of frenzied zombie rabbits. You have more than 10 weapons to chose from, and 20 levels and side campaigns to play through. The graphic quality of the game are about as good as you can expect from a BlackBerry game; however, it’s a ton of fun, and provides more than a few giggles.

Azmodeus Zombie Graveyard Theme

Instead of just playing a game or running an app with zombies in it, why not zombify your entire phone? This theme has customized icons and a super creepy undead background image. It’s available for most OS 6 BlackBerry devices, including the Torch 9800.

That’s all for this week. Let us know what your favourite zombie games and apps are!

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