Buzzd Pivots and Becomes LocalResponse for Location-Based Advertising


Remember Buzzd? The company was particularly cool because it had a big presence on BlackBerry and was often featured by RIM. The company doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere and it looks like the initial funding is gone, but from that a new startup is out called LocalResponse. More after the jump.

Buzzd was a great idea but it never really took off for some reason. It had all the right elements of a successful social startup including:

Apps on all platforms
Good social integration and hooks
Lots of marketing and promotion
A dedicated userbase

Even with all these elements it just didn’t take off. One reason might be timing with the launch of some other big location services such as Foursquare. Perhaps everyone was too busy checking in on other services to get around to Buzzd.

The new startup that has emerged from the founder of Buzzd is LocalResponse. The service is described in the video above and it’s a little vague. Basically, the service monitors the web and social services to give small businesses an idea of what’s being said and who its customers are. With an overview of who is around the business and talking about it, small businesses can also engage those people and send them messages on Twitter. Apparently, links sent to them on Twitter have a 60% CTR which is really impressive. The company is working with over $1.5M in funding so we’ll see how it goes.

For nostalgia purposes, lets go over some old Buzzd posts here on BlackBerryCool (last post was in 2009):

Buzzd updated to include Facebook and Twitter integration
Buzzd surveys mobile users about etiquette and sex lives
BlackBerry LBS app buzzd now with Canadian locales and Storm support
Buzzd now offered as BlackBerry application in App World

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