New Apps for BlackBerry, iOS and Android (Smartphones and Tablets)


Let’s check out what’s new on the three major mobile platforms in terms of apps and games. This week we’ve got apps for both smartphones and tablets, so there’s a little something for everyone. Here’s what hot on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry this week.



SHADOWGUN (with iPad support)

After checking out this game, I’m convinced that this will become the new standard for mobile RPGs. With an awesome, in-depth story line, stunning graphic quality, and ridiculous AI, the likes of which have never been seen in mobile game yet. The story line is probably one of the least linear I’ve seen on this platform, allowing you to choose your own ending. You’re a mercenary Shadowgun hired to hunt down the mad scientist Dr. Edgar Simon, who’s hiding in his mountain fortress somewhere in space. At a hefty price point of $7.99, the game seems a little expensive. However, when you consider that you’re getting a console-quality game that RPG lovers will no doubt enjoy, your inner gamer nerd will justify the cost.

magic the gathering

iMtG (Magic: The Gathering companion app)

This companion app is a must-have for any Magic: The Gathering card game player. It boasts a whole slew of features designed to help organize your life as a wizard. In fact, the app is so packed full of different, helpful features, I haven’t even had the chance to try all of them out yet. What I have used so far are the Life Counter, the Card Database, and Card Scanner features - all of which make building your deck and playing the game that much more enjoyable. My favourite part of this app so far is the coverflow feature that allows your to sort through images of the actual cards from every set available. The bottom line: if you play Magic and you have an iPhone, get this app.



Pocket League Story (Honeycomb tablet support)

Be the manager of a growing soccer team in this unique RPG-style sports game. Build your team, train your players, earn sponsors, build them a stadium to play in, and take them to the top of the soccer world. This game is highly addictive and is optimized for Android powered smartphones. Karisoft, the developer of this game, has a bunch of successful, similarly themed games under its belt, so you can expect a hit with Pocket League.

Soliatire by MobilityWare

Who doesn’t love solitaire? There are approximately a billion and a half different solitaire apps out there, but this one is my favourite. I have it on my iPhone, and I play it all the time. It’s got Game Center integration, customizable settings (background, card backs, draw 1 or 3), Vegas scoring option, and the Android version supports Honeycomb powered tablets. The only downside to this app is that it’s ad-supported, but it’s bearable. MobilityWare is grade for card games on iOS and now on Android too.


spore creatures

SPORE Creatures

The hugely popular and award-winning SPORE franchise is back and optimized BlackBerry with 12 new levels and all new creatures. The gameplay features are the same as they were in the game you came to know and love. Fight or join forces with other creatures, and evolve your way up to the top of the food chain.
Much like it’s predecessors, the game is easy, fun, and very addictive.


Baby Paint SPORTS (PlayBook)

I know my kid goes crazy over my PlayBook, and I can never have enough colouring book apps to keep him entertained. Baby Pain SPORTS is the newest in a series of kids’ painting apps that allow you young ones to paint and colour with their fingers without the mess. The app features four different images waiting for your kid’s creative talents to fill them with colour. Emergency crayon-removal-from-nose not required.