6 New Apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry (PlayBook Included)


We like to keep our eyes on the three major smartphone and tablet platforms to see what’s happening, and also, to see what their users like to do with their devices. Let’s see what’s new and what’s hot on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry this week.


The Oregon Trail (iPad)

Who remembers playing this game on an Apple II? Now Gameloft has brought us a reimagined, totally revamped version to the iPad that fits perfectly into today’s action/adventure game genre. The same general game play rules and objectives apply, but the game looks a whole lot better and plays a whole lot smoother. In addition to the classic game, this version also features 8 mini games that help you earn coins to purchase materials to help you along your way, and the graphics are fun and colourful. Westward, ho!

Tweet Speaker

When I first heard about this app, I admittedly thought it was kind of stupid. After downloading it, though, I think it’s actually pretty neat. It’s not just another third party Twitter app. It actually reads your tweets out loud to you. Hey, any app that reads my tweets out loud to me while I’m in the shower, doing dishes, preparing dinner, or sitting on the toilet is a great addition to my iPhone. Thanks, App Cubby.


Hanging With Friends

From the awesome team of developers at Zynga comes another sure fire iPhone hit. We all know and love playing Words With Friends, and now we’ve got another classic word game to play With Friends. Hanging With Friends is a modern, social twist on the original Hang Man game. This game has all of the basic features that Words With Friends has (in-game chat, push notifications, FaceBook Connect, multiple games simultaneously).

Better Keyboard PRO

This is a simple app that’s seems to be doing well on the Android Market. It allows you to customize your on-screen keyboard with different colours and key fonts. People who enjoy customizing their Android phone’s interface will enjoy this app.


Electric Courage

This is a new, location based dating application that allows you to connect and flirt electronically with people who are in or around the same venue as you. The app allows you to connect discreetly with FaceBook profile so you can use your photo as your avatar. If this app catches on, it could be a great way to meet new people at bars, clubs, and shows.

Star Front: Collision HD (BlackBerry PlayBook)

Finally! An awesome RTS style game for the PlayBook. You might think that a $6.99 pricepoint is a little steep, but our friends at Gameloft never let us down. In depth faction/character development, four player multiplayer capability, great graphic quality, and an exceptional story, Star Front: Collision has the makings to be the premiere RTS experience on the platform. Lovers of strategy based action games will absolutely enjoy this game.