New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Playbook Now Available Free


Magmic has announced the release of The New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Playbook. This new tablet edition give users access to the same daily crossword puzzles featured in The New York Times print edition but with an elegant tablet user interface.

This free edition comes with a week of free puzzles as well as the 6000+ puzzle archive. The Playbook edition also sports a worldwide online leaderboard, can be played in either portrait or widescreen and you can solve the puzzle in either pen or pencil.

Subscribers to the service will get the daily puzzles as well as an archive of classics with over 6000 classic crosswords. Subscription packages are offered in month, half year and year-long subscription packages.

Check out the New York Times Crosswords for BlackBerry Playbook

New York Times Crosswords is also available on iPad, iOS, and BlackBerry.

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    very cool, worth it

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