Ever Wanted to Develop Your Own Apps? Try TreeHouse


At the BlackBerry Developer Conference this year we got a more in-depth look at BBX - the future of the BlackBerry platform. During the conference, we learned that HTML5 will be one of the programming languages that RIM will focus on and support. Web development gives you the benefit of deploying on multiple platforms and while it may not be the best route for gaming (better to use native development kit), it will certainly be a good language to start with as your first foray into BlackBerry development going forward. So do you want to learn web dev? Try TreeHouse.

The TreeHouse Web Development program features units on HTML5, Javascript and an introduction to programming. But TreeHouse doesn’t just offer a Web Development course. You can also take courses on Web Design and iOS. The tuition costs are very low as well. Plans range from $25 to $50 per month, with corporate/company discounts available.

With the recession still looming and job insecurity at record highs, services such as TreeHouse are taking the right steps to getting the economy back on its feet.

Head over to TeamTreeHouse.com to register.