Some Common Sense Feedback on PlayBook NDK Setup Process


We often link to our good friend Jeff Bacon as he’s been a contributor to BlackBerryCool, as well as a BlackBerry developer for years. In a recent post on his personal blog, he details some common sense things RIM could do to make the PlayBook NDK setup process simpler. RIM has a long history of making the setup process and developer environment needlessly complicated, and it’s posts like this that should be listened to.

RIM is definitely going in the right direction with the NDk, and at DevCon 2011 RIM made note that the tools for native development wouldn’t require registration. This was a small change but definitely welcome. Now, RIM needs to focus on how it can bring the tools together in a single, easy to setup environment. Lowering barriers to development should be a top priority and Jeff’s post points out a few common headaches that RIM could easily do away with.

Head over to Jeff Bacon’s blog to read the full criticism about the NDK setup.

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