Free Smarter Wallpaper App Delivers Wallpaper Slideshow on BlackBerry


Smarter Wallpaper is a free application by Smarter Apps that allows BlackBerry users to set up a customizable rotation of wallpaper images. Users choose the series of images including custom folders to change automatically as frequently as every minute.

The free version of the software is very straightforward and has no overbearing registration requests. It allows you to either choose from a tailored set of bundled images or you can select your own images in a folder. The software supports BlackBerry OS 4.7 and above, all the way up to BlackBerry 7.

I love this free software, it used to be that you had to shell out 2 or 3 dollars to get a hassle-free wallpaper changer. I find that the free version has everything I need because I like curating a decent-sized folder of BlackBerry wallpaper images. Click here to download my BlackBerry wallpaper collection.

Smarter Wallpaper pro is just $1.99 and comes packed with extra features such as resizing options, networked Flickr wallpaper feeds, Flickr search tags. Twitter feeds, Twitter hashtags, webcams, web images and RSS feeds.

Click here to check out the free Smarter Wallpaper App from BlackBerry App World.

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