Google Axes Redundant Native Gmail Client for BlackBerry


Google has announced that they’re cutting support for their native gmail client for BlackBerry as of November 22nd. Some mobile industry writers believe that this is some kind of corporate maneuvering to make the Android platform more appealing. I think it’s obvious that most BlackBerry users prefer accessing their Gmail accounts using the BlackBerry email client. I applaud Google’s decision to remove an app that didn’t mesh well with their software philosophy of keeping interfaces clean, simple and fast.

  • JDW

    I personally find the Blackberry Gmail app excellent for one important reason - searching historic email.  Rather than retaining all my email on my BB, it’s far easier to delete the BB copy and retain a copy on Gmail servers, knowing that I can easily retrieve the email should the need arise when I am mobile. 

    Whilst I appreciate that gmail could be accessed via the BB browser to perform the same search, it is nowhere near as easy to use as the gmail app.

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