Alec Saunders Confirms Many Upcoming BBX Features


We are very excited about BBX. Everything RIM has said about the platform makes a lot of sense and the rumors we’re hearing about the first QNX device sound exciting. The only downside is that all the rumors point to a full touchscreen device, and we’ve never been happy with a full touchscreen BlackBerry. We need our keyboard. Regardless, a recent interview with Alec Saunders confirms some cool upcoming features of BBX, and we’re even more excited about the first devices to launch.

Here are the features we are most excited about:

1. Improving the developer tools, documentation and process for getting started.
2. RIM is working on “Super App” APIs to allow deep integration with PlayBook and BBX platform.
3. Carriers will only need to certify the radio stack. All OS updates will be pushed on the fly.
4. App World is getting coupons, better screenshot resolutions and more after the 3.0 release.
5. RIM is going to make sure HTML5 and web developers get access to all the APIs necessary for a great native super app.

One thing Alec mentioned is that RIM will be shutting down outside app downloads going forward. It’s likely that you will be able to find some form of workaround to get unapproved apps on your device, but it’s not going to be easy. Companies like Mobihand can forget about being involved in the BBX platform.

Read the full interview over at BerryReview.