More Details on the BlackBerry Innovation Forum


We were asked by a reader to provide more details on the BlackBerry Innovation Forum and what it was all about. The forum was a chance for Enterprise and Government customers to come together and hear about some of the innovation happening at RIM - specifically on the PlayBook side. The event featured a PlayBook Roadmap session, more on BlackBerry Balance and a general Q&A.

Here are the details from the event:

BlackBerry PlayBook Roadmap

The next BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet OS will provide a slew of much anticipated features and functions. This session will take a deeper look into the setup and functionality of these new functions and we will also explore updates to Documents to Go, the new look and feel of Video Chat and other new features that make the BlackBerry PlayBook a productivity-packed tablet and a viable laptop replacement.

The Ideal Enterprise Solution for all your Mobility Needs

The landscape of the BlackBerry ecosystem is evolving to provide more function, more control and more possibilities for your business. Planning your backend infrastructure is a critical part in ensuring the long-term success of your mobile deployment. This session will guide you through the requirements for BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry PlayBook and additional personal liable devices.We will also provide the basics, tips and examples of how to architect a scalable, cost-controlled solution that provides the best-in-class BlackBerry manageability, reliability and security.

Managing Mobility

With the increasing number of employees “going mobile” IT organizations are tasked with supporting, managing and securing a wide array of devices. One thing an IT organization can’t afford is an increasing amount of backend systems to support the mobile workforce. Learn how Research In Motion is continuing to enhance how BlackBerry smartphones are managed in the enterprise through new tools that simplify administration while maintaining security.

Let us know if you have any questions about the topics above and we’ll let you know what was said. Again, we’ll hopefully have video from the event but we’re balancing our desire to tell the community and our need to be invited back to these events.

  • Pwgillam77

    thanks, Kyle. I’m looking forward to seeing your video, once you are able to post. I would be interested in hearing more details on how RIM thinks the pb will be a laptop replacement.. something other than email, etc. Although I would like to get any extra info    on those apps as well. Will there be any added functionality for handwriting info in order to take notes, etc?

    Would love to see more screenshots of the video chat, if available. And would like to know what are the other updates to have the pb become a product tablet.

  • Pwgillam77

    ooops… I meant that I would like to have more details on why RIM thinks that the pb will be a ‘productivity-packed tablet.’ 

    And Will, I was wondering whether you could give some more details on the changes to Docs to Go? 

  • Luay

    I too would like to know what they Intend to do in respect to ‘handwriting notes’ currently the PB lacks in this department. 

  • Balhar

    was there any talk about the purchase of Unbitexx and managing non-RIM devices?

  • MC

    Any update from RIM as to how the Playbook will be deployed in enterprise?  Will this work with existing BES?  There have been rumors of requiring a separate “Playbook Administration Server” which would require more hardware in addition to the BES?  Also any details on being able to map two devices (e.g. a Blackberry handheld and a Playbook) to the same user?  These seem to have been issues that have delayed Playbook’s deployment within existing BB enterprise environments.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Balhar…..There was and it looks very promising! I was there however, cannot say much due to NDA.

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  • Kyle McInnes

    As far as what was said at the demo event, I left with the impression that it will work with existing BES. No word on what version of BES is required or if there’s any patch work needed. 

    I would recommend you ask RIM during the BlackBerry for biz and gov webcast. Details here:

  • Kyle McInnes
  • Kyle McInnes

    There isn’t anything more to show on the video chat side. There was no live demo given. It was just a screenshot and we can infer that the PlayBook PIN will be central to adding people.

    In terms of how it will be a productivity tool, the BlackBerry PlayBook Keyboard is an important part of leaving the laptop behind. The presenter said “early 2012″ so we’re looking forward to it.

  • Kyle McInnes

    We didn’t see anything in the handwriting department. It would be great if RIM updated the Memopad application to use handwriting on the PlayBook.

  • Pwgillam77

    yes, that would be a great update. I would love to see more art apps (painting/drawing, etc) as well.

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