Developers: Make Your HTML5 Apps Look Native With BBUI.JS Toolkit


Developing in HTML5 and Webworks for BlackBerry is a great way to create an app with a code base that you can use elsewhere. If you’re developing in Java, your app has somewhat of an end of life with BBX but there’s no end in sight to HTML5. Tim Neil, creator of the Batberry project, is working on a Webworks app to control the car and has written a handy toolkit to make your web app look like a BlackBerry app with very little code.

Batberry project app

According to the Github page: “The goal of the bbUI toolkit is to provide a BlackBerry look and feel for HTML5 applications using the BlackBerry WebWorks framework. It provides common UI constructs that are found on the BlackBerry operating system so that you can create an application that follows the UI guidelines and looks at home on a BlackBerry with very little effort.”

Check out the bbUI.ja Toolkit up on GitHub.

Head over to the Batberry project page to check out the app’s progress.

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  • Anay97

    So u made this on html? That webapp?