Free Reminder App Twinkle Updated to Version 3.3


Twinkle is an application that allows you to set and keep track of upcoming and past events, with built-in options to share them with friends. Twinkle will tell you how far away an event is, and allows you to send events to and from your BlackBerry’s native calendar, or to your friends on BBM. This is perfect for highlighting calendar events as something you need to prepare for like finding time to shop for a gift or an important event.

Twinkle gives you the ability to add and edit events, lets you keep track of how soon something is, or how long it has been since an event, and to search for all of these events through BlackBerry’s universal search.
This new version adds the ability to import Birthdays from directly from contacts, additional ways to share events (added Facebook, Twitter and email sharing), random color selection of the event reminders and improvements to bulk importing of existing events. In recognition of this deep integration with the device, Twinkle was named a Regional Selections Winner in the 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge.

Download the latest version of Twinkle at BlackBerry App World

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    This my Blackberry phone and please do ever take chances

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    Please alert me with everythings

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    Thanx !! It is indeed a great app