NFCShortcuts Uses Near Field Communications and BlackBerry for Convenience


NFCLauncher is an NFC controller app that can unlock the NFC potential of your new BlackBerry by assigning commands to NFC tags that you place around your work, car and home. Touch your NFC tags with your NFC enabled BB and it will launch what you have set it to launch, or it can launch a ShortcutMe macro.

Here are a few possible use cases that sound really compelling to anyone who’s picked up an NFC-enabled BlackBerry 7 device.

  • Touch a tag on the belt to lock BB (regardless of what app is in foreground).
  • Touch a tag on holster/belt to change the profile to Silent or Vibrate.
  • Touch a tag in the car to send an email to partner saying I am on
    the way home.
  • Touch a tag in the car to toggle (running/not running) app
  • Touch a tag in the car to turn on Bluetooth (for handsfree) and
    then call partner.
  • Touch a tag at home to toggle between Home and Out radio setting
    (home: Radio-Off, Wifi-On, BT-Off,
    Out: Radio-On, Wifi-Off, BT-On).
  • Touch a tag on the night stand to toggle bedside mode.
  • Touch a tag on gym locker to change ringer profile, BBM/WLM status,
    and open workout playlist in native music player.
  • Touch a tag on xbox360/PS3/computer desk to send a message to pre
    defined friends inviting them to sign in for some online gaming (Call
    Of Duty, Battlefield, NHL 12, etc)
  • Touch a tag as I’m leaving the office to launch the mobile
    timekeeping app to enter hours for the day.
  • Buy NFCShortcuts from BlackBerry App World for $2.99

    Search for NFC Tags on Amazon, they’re about $15.00 for 10 tags

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