Angry Birds Now Available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


One thing you hear often when reading about the BlackBerry Platform is that “BlackBerry doesn’t have Angry Birds”. It’s often used as a major negative against the platform even though there are plenty of other games. RIM announced that the PlayBook would have Angry Birds and today it is now available. It’s also interesting to note that since it’s available now for the PlayBook, it should also be available on smarpthones when the BlackBerry 10 devices launch.

Angry Birds is available for $4.99 each and there are a variety of skins of the game available. Now that it’s available for the PlayBook, lets see how the media spins this as a negative for RIM. We’re guessing someone will write the story “Too Little Too Late: Angry Birds Available for RIM”.

Here are the download links for Angry Birds for BlackBerry:

Angry Birds
Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Rio

  • Brighton

    $5?? Wow. 5x the price vs IOS.

  • Anonymous

    Should be $1.99 max. Angry Farm is a very decent Angry Bird-like game which has been around for months.

    I will wait for a sale.

  • ae

    its the HD version, the same ipad price… quit your whining

  • Guest

    i pay .20 cents 

  • Swervm

    And the iPhone price is {error divisions by zero} more then the Android version. As pointed out below this pricing is consistent with the higher price charged for the tablet app.

  • BCMike

    There was an Android side load a while back.  Is that the same as one of these skins?

  • Lovin2act

    bought all 3

  • Dabu1975

    You pay nothing if you have iphone or ipad after jailbroken. These games too laggy to play in playbook. PLAYBOOK TABLETS Sucks!!!!! No wonder why consumer doesn’t want them to buy. Goodluck to all PB tablet users.

  • Lindsay Manahan

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  • aditya rai

    finallly we can enjoy angry birds in blackberry too

  • catering supplies

    We’re guessing someone will write the story “Too Little Too Late: Angry Birds Available for RIM”. 

  • Hitgrove

    the best game.. i love it