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IguanaBee Launches Whacky Escape! for the BlackBerry PlayBook


IguanaBee is a games studio based in Santiago, Chile and the company has recently released a Wack-a-Mole style game for the PlayBook. Whacky Escape! is a new game designed for smartphones and tablets that makes for some good casual fun. The game objective is simple: the whackos are escaping the Loony Bin and they need to be stopped. You touch the doors to keep people inside and shake the PlayBook if something is thrown at you.
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Custom BBM Shirts With Jingu Avatars Partnership


BBM shirts are fun at conferences because it lets you connect with others on BBM with a quick QR Code scan. The company is a product of Riz, the guy who started off with that BBM song, and has grown with partnerships with Jingu Apps, the company that has that really popular BBM avatar app.
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The Air Canada Issue Has Nothing to Do With RIM


So two drunks were charged with mischief and had to be removed from an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Beijing. Why is it relevant that they’re RIM employees? Stories like this have been reported before, but the place of work for those charged is never disclosed because it’s simply not relevant. Did RIM as a company have anything to do with them being drunk? Of course not. Also, have you ever taken a flight from Toronto to Beijing? I dare you to fly for 13 hours without getting blackout drunk. It’s boring as hell.
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NFC is one of the most exciting features of modern BlackBerrys. The Near Field Communication feature will allow you to share media between devices as well as use your BlackBerry as a mobile wallet. Recently, launched a new BlackBerry app called Pouch, that supports NFC and lets you connect your VISA and MasterCards. The company is also ready to expand the service to gift cards, loyalty programs and debit cards.
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Santa Dash: Free BBM Game for BlackBerry


Smarter Apps, makers of Angry Farm has released a great free platform jumping, obstacle avoiding game called Santa Dash. This BBM-enabled game allows you to invite and challenge your friends to compete for the highest score.
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