Should RIM Give The PlayBook Away For Free?


It’s an interesting proposition. How much does RIM really make on the PlayBook when compared to its handset sales and recurring revenue from carriers? It’s probably fairly minimal and considering the PlayBook is integral to the BlackBerry 10 roadmap, maybe seeding the market with free PlayBooks is the way to go. By attaching a free PlayBook with every smartphone sold, RIM would encourage smartphone sales and thus its primary revenue source, while making a significant dent in the tablet market.

I recommend reading Doug Soltys’ take on free PlayBooks. Not only was he the former Editor in Chief of BlackBerryCool, but he’s ex-RIM. Hit this link to Untether.TV, to join in on the discussion.

  • Joker

    dream on… lol
    I do, however, agree RIM needs to do something bold and play to win instead of not to lose. 

  • Antoniop

    Rim, should offer Blackberry Playbook to all Blackberry ID register for a small amount of money (maybe USD$ 100 for all over the world), it´s a way to reward Blackberry consumers

  • Sell My Cell Phone

    That was a news to me.

  • Former_BB_Cheerleader

    I won my Playbook from a vendor. If I had paid for it, I’d have returned it months ago. It sucks, and giving it away is the only way it’s going to gain any share.

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