Make Your Bold 9900 Incredibly Cute With The Bunny Rabbit Case


The Bold 9900 is a pretty amazing form factor. It’s big like the old Bold 9000 but the keyboard, trackpad and touchscreen give it a modern feel and design. If you want to do something fun with your Bold, why not turn it into a bunny rabbit? It’s the year to #BeBold after all.

Bold Bunny Rabbit Case

The Bold Bunny Rabbit case makes absolutely no sense in terms of case design but that’s not the point. It’s supposed to be ridiculous. With the big bunny tail it doesn’t exactly fit snug into your pocket, so it’s probably better suited to be in a purse.

Do you love this or hate it?

You can pick up a Bold 9900 Bunny Rabbit Case at this link. There are others but this link had a particularly good price.

Image via @melbaline

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  • Ken Humphlett


  • Mason Kimble

    just think if you added a holster you could carry it on your belt with the tail and ears sticking out…

  • Ysh4444

    In indonesia just only 40,000 IDR or about $4 :)

  • Kyle McInnes

    Feel free to share links if you find cheaper

  • nusryna23

    can i know where did u buy the white bold 4 ??? is it already sell ??

  • Sosanyaa00

    loveeeeee it

  • Mar

    how can I buy one?? I live in usa !! do yo guys have a store!! PLEASE HELP