CES 2012: Wilson Electronics Showcasing Sleek Signal Booster Compatible With 4G LTE


We’ve written about Wilson Electronics before on BlackBerryCool and the company is at CES showing off its Sleek hardware that can boost not only cell phones in 2G and 3G areas (all but IDEN), but it’s now covering 4G LTE by Verizon. This product is expected to launch in Q2 of 2012.

YouTube link for mobile viewing.

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  • 4g.eek

    Perfect timing as I’m about to upgrade to a Thunderbolt 4G ;) And as a long time user of the sleek 3G, I know I can only be deeply satisfied with the 4G version! 

    It’s already available as pre order here: http://bit.ly/qutmsleek4G, but I’m probably gonna wait till it comes out.