Paw Print Games Launches 3 Titles for the PlayBook


Paw Print Games is a gaming studio that has games for Android, iOS, WebOS and now BlackBerry. Since the PlayBook supports Unity, Marmalade, and a C/C++ Native SDK, we’ve been seeing many game studios, big and small, head to the PlayBook. The studio has seen success on other platforms and now is making a push onto the BlackBerry platform with a few of its award-winning games.


KAMI RETRO won the iOS App Store Game of the Week and was credited with a place in the App Store Hall of Fame. The game is an 8-bit retro inspired puzzle based platformer that mixes elements of Mario vs Donkey Kong, fun and challenging game for all.

Check out KAMI RETRO for the PlayBook in App World at this link.

Battle Bugs

Battle Bugs is a Worms-style, turn-based, strategy game that allows 2 or more teams of bugs to battle against eac other. Battle Bugs contains many different weapons from the more conventional RPG’s and grenades to more exotic choices such as the inflatable ant eater and the pork bomb.

Check out Battle Bugs for the PlayBook at this link.


You’ve probably noticed a trend by now that these games are based on titles that were successful on other platforms such as PC. KamiCrazy is inspired by the game Lemmings and features some rich, colorful and puzzling levels.

Check out KamiCrazy for the PlayBook in App World.