My App Makr Creates Personal Brand Marketing Apps


My App Makr is a service you may have noticed if you’ve recently taken a look at the “Newest Apps” section recently. The company provides a web service where you create a smartphone app for your personal brand and then deploy it to the app stores for others to download. It’s a free service and while it’s geared towards minor celebrities and web personalities, it would surely work for things like real-estate. We have seen many realtors submit a branded app to App World.

YouTube video about the service.

When creating your app, the online service gives you a very limited amount of options and the app it seems to produce doesn’t look the best. Once you’ve completed the app, you get a message saying the company will be in touch. We’ve yet to receive a reply but we can update this article when it happens.

The idea of leaving app creation in the hands of the users is great. JoeMobi has done an empeccable job of making app creation for a WordPress blog very easy. Hopefully App Makr can improve the service a little and make the business viable.

Try My App for yourself at this link

This service is not to be confused with App Makr that does something similar for iPhone.