Wmode Spins Off AppCarousel Business to Help Carriers and Developers With App Marketing


There’s an increasing need for innovative marketing solutions for mobile apps as the number of these apps increases and discoverability decreases. The answer to marketing apps effectively is far beyond traditional marketing such as advertising and traditional media outreach. Marketing apps has to come from good technology and implementation. AppCarousel is an interesting marketing approach because it takes the success of carousel features and gives that experience to carriers, brands and developers that want a better way to showcase their apps.

Here is the promo video for AppCarousel from YouTube (mobile viewing at this link).

Terry Hughes, the Managing Director of AppCarousel and a contributor to BlackBerryCool, explains the product:

Video found at this link.

We’re looking forward to seeing more from AppCarousel, specifically in terms of features that would differentiate it from the carousels we currently see in the market (eg the one in App World). App World itself has categories built into the carousel which is a great feature that AppCarousel could take. AppCarousel’s ability to jump between carousel’s is something RIM could also implement. For example, it would be interesting to see RIM implement carousels for every category. Sort of like a feature within a feature.

Check out AppCarousel.com and see if a carousel is a good fit for your company/products.