Send Short Voice Messages Over BBM With Free VVM Messenger App (Beta)


Sending short voice messages over BBM is a fun idea. It may not be the most efficient way to communicate, but if it’s something that requires tone, sarcasm or any emotion, then text probably won’t do it justice. From the same developer that brought you the Viira GTD, you can send short voice messages over BBM with this free Beta app called VVM Messenger.

With VVM Messenger, you can send short voice messages up to 25 seconds in length to your BBM contacts for free. In a sense, this app is like PTT (push to talk) and could save you money when traveling. Check it out!

Head over to VVM Messenger to download the free app.

  • Caspan

    Scratch my head….. BBM already supports this built in. I use it everyday when I am driving, instead of typing I use it like push to talk, you hit voice note and you can send a 60 second clip. Am I missing something here?