125,000 PlayBooks Going Out to Developers at Hackathons, DevCons and More


Thorsten Heins gave the keynote at DevCon Europe and talked about some of the plans that RIM has to get developers on board with BlackBerry. One of the interesting elements of his keynote was that he said the company has approved 125,000 more PlayBooks to go out to developers to encourage development. These PlayBooks will go out to developers who attended DevCon Europe as well as there will be free devices given out at hackathons around the world. We’ve been to a couple hackathons hosted by RIM and they haven’t quite figured them out but they’re moving in the right direction.

Christopher Smith - VP, BlackBerry Application Platform & Tools RIM talks about the future of developing for BlackBerry.

Thorsten had a long list of other ways that RIM is attracting developers including a new evangelist team headed by Alec Saunders, as well as a host of supported code bases such as HTML5 and the NDK. RIM has made quite a few acquisitions that will position it competitively against the other smartphones. The company has acquired ScoreLoop for gaming, TAT for graphically rich UIs, QNX for the OS, and more.

With all the PlayBook seeding that RIM has done, and the fact that your PlayBook app will run on BlackBerry 10 smartphones, it makes a lot of sense to port your app to PlayBook.

Stay tuned for more videos uploaded by RIM at the DevCon YouTube channel.