Rogers Launches One Number Service for Voice, Video Chat and SMS From Your Computer


Rogers has launched its new One Number service which lets you voice and video chat, as well as send text and pictures from your computer using your existing phone number. The service seems like it will be useful for all those people with desk jobs that want to move the smartphone experience over to their computer, without having to be distracted by their phone.

YouTube link for mobile.

In order to use the service, you need to be a Rogers customer and have access to a computer with a mic and webcam. There are a lot of services that duplicate elements of this experience, such as Skype, but Rogers is offering some pretty unique, especially relative to the other carriers. With One Number, you can take calls from the smartphone to the desktop and vice versa.

We’ll have more about the Rogers One Number service for you soon when we get a product to demo.

Read more about it on the Rogers blog.

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