Free Junk Call Blocker for BlackBerry with BBM integration


BlackBerry app developer S4BB has announced the launch of their Junk Call Blocker app. The app blocks unsolicited calls and has an ingenious social sharing component so you can share your blocked numbers list with your BBM contacts.

In the battle against unsolicited phone calls, BlackBerry users have found a powerful ally. Junk Call Blocker recognizes and blocks incoming junk calls automatically. Besides the existing black list, there’s also a custom blacklist allowing you to block custom numbers. Ideal when you’re dealing with a stalking ex! The other way around, there’s also a white list, in case a call gets unjustified marked as a junk call.

Junk Call Blocker comes in three versions. The free version allows you to add 10 numbers to the custom blacklist. If you need to add more numbers, you can upgrade to the Standard version (100 numbers) or the Pro Version (unlimited numbers) via in-app-purchase.

Here are some features:

  • Two Modes: autoblock junk call (default setting), show warning only on an incoming junk call
  • Junk Call Blacklist (add numbers to this list and they will be blocked)
  • Whitelist (overrules any number in the blacklist)
  • Blocked number History
  • Block Numbers Via: call log, last short call (less than 10 seconds), manual number input
  • Block Feedback: get notifications once a phone call had been blocked
  • BBM integration: share junk call numbers and Junk Call Blocker activity via BBM

Download Junk Call Blocker from BlackBerry App World