Pressly Announces Pressly Self Serve Launch in Spring of 2012 - Sign Up Now


Pressly is a really cool startup out of Toronto, Canada that makes content look beautiful on a tablet. The service takes your content and optimizes it for the iPad and PlayBook using HTML5 standards. It’s also a great way to monetize your content for the tablet as the service has some top tier advertisers that have paid for full screen ads. We wrote about the company recently when they announced a partnership with the Toronto Star to optimize its content for tablets. Now, the company is announcing that you can register to have any blog’s content made tablet-friendly.

Pressly is largely focused on the iPad but since it uses HTML5 standards, it renders beautifully on the PlayBook. We’re looking forward to getting BlackBerryCool optimized for tablets using Pressly and we think you should also register for launch day.

Register for Pressly Self Serve at this link.