Show Me the Images Email Enhancement App Updated for OS 7.1


One of the more frustrating elements of email on BlackBerry is the that images don’t render very well on the device. The decision behind not rendering images is probably tied to BlackBerrys network efficiency but it doesn’t make for a great end-user experience. That’s where Show Me the Images comes in. The app lets you automatically download images in your emails without you needing to hit that “Get Images” menu item. You can disable it, download based on a safe list of email addresses (default) or download no matter who the contact is. Recently, the app has been updated with bug fixes and OS 7.1 support.

show me the images

Here is the change log for the most recent update to Show Me the Images:

  • BlackBerry OS 7.1 support – safelist bar and minor fixes
  • Updated safelist bar
  • Backup and restore fixed (requires SD card)
  • 7.0 still requires an OS higher than

Show Me the Images is available in App World for $1.99.

Side thought: what’s going to happen to apps like these in the early stages of BlackBerry 10? Will RIM have all the APIs available for developers to take apps like these and port them for BlackBerry 10? We can only hope.

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