[Giveaway] Free Apps From The Jared Company Including Message Prevue


The Jared Company has a pretty large portfolio of BlackBerry apps that help make your smartphone more powerful. The apps are mostly what we call “gap fillers” - apps that fill a feature hole in the BlackBerry OS and give the platform more power. It’s these kinds of apps that we’re really hoping have a big presence in BlackBerry 10, but it’s not clear how that’s coming along. Regardless, the BlackBerry OS 7 and below platform is here to stay for a long time and The Jared Company has plenty of free apps for you. One of those apps is Message Prevue which lets you see a preview of incoming messages (normally $2.99).

To get access to the free apps, download the Jared Company app at the link below. The app is essentially a weblink to The Jared Company’s free app site.

Download the app at the below link and get access to Message Prevue for free. When you receive an BBM, email or SMS, a small pop-up appears on your screen showing the name of the sender and the subject line. There is nothing to open, nothing to boot, and nothing to lose.

Get access to free apps from The Jared Company including Message Prevue with this app link (OTA).