Love Birds Catapult Style Game Available for the PlayBook


According to the developer of Love Birds, “not all birds are angry!” We thought that was pretty cute. Love Birds is an Angry Birds/catapult style game where the objective is to bring to Love Birds together. The design of the game is really unique and the color scheme is definitely more relaxing.

Love Birds is developed by the guys at Cocky Culture. We’ve known this company for some time as it began in the theme business with a ton of great themes for BlackBerry users. It’s cool to see companies like this move into other areas of the smartphone and tablet space, as well as a continuing support for the BlackBerry Platform.

Features of the game include:

  • 40 physics based levels
  • The ability to catch Dovey in flight to re-launch him!
  • Interesting visuals

You can read more about the game at the Cocky Culture blog.

Download Love Birds at this App World link. Check out a preview of the game below.

YouTube link for mobile.