Free MobileVoIP App Supports A Number of VoIP Services and Countries


BlackBerry users are still waiting on a decent Skype app available for all smartphones and tablet but until then there’s a wide range of VoIP apps you can try in the meantime. MobileVoIP is a free app in App World that’s definitely worth checking out. The app supports a wide variety of VoIP brands so you need to check the available services and then check the supported country list. You may find a good fit that will save you money on long distance calls.

Features of the app include:

  • Make SIP phone calls
  • Use your own contacts from within the app
  • Connect to Internet using 3G, WiFi, UMTS
  • Place FREE calls to a selection of destination
  • Enjoy the cheapest international calls to any other destination

Head over to App World to download this app and see whether the countries and VoIP brands are what you’re looking for.

  • VoIP Service Provider

    VoIP means for Voice Over Internet protocol, also commonly called telephone assistance over the internet. VoIP is upcoming future technology. Most of the companies using these latest technology. Recently dell has launched mobile VoIP service in Canada.