Personal Shopping Assistant App iM Shopping Cart Available for BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook


There’s a pretty cool personal shopping assistant app available in App World right now that you can grab for both your smartphone and PlayBook tablet. The developer let us know that the impetus for the app was a love for cooking and the need for a solid grocery shopping app. The developer also comes from the BlackBerry theme space so you can be sure the UI looks nice and clean.

With iM Shopping Cart, there’s a “Create and Share” feature so that users can share their shopping lists (great for couples), “Import/Export” so your data is safe, “Recipes” that are connected to actual items in your iM Shopping Cart, “Real Time Search” to be able to find items faster as well as a host of other features such as a barcode scanner, quicknotes and BBM integration.

Here are some of the features that you’ll find in iM Shopping Cart:

  • Free iMSCdb BETA service
  • Adding pictures to stores and items
  • Share your shopping list with family members and friends
  • In-app email
  • Connect items with stores and categories
  • Quantity per Unit
  • Item name and Product name available
  • Costs and prices
  • Recipes connected to actual items
  • Import/Export data from your device
  • Realtime (Live) search
  • Category and store related shopping lists
  • B2B ready
  • Connected to social networks
  • Quick Notes

Check out iM Shopping Cart for BlackBerry available in App World for $2.99 USD. The device support is really sweet too. The iM Shopping Cart app is available for both smartphones and the PlayBook tablet.

  • Anonymous

    This looks great!  Been looking for a good grocery list app for my Playbook.