Smarter Apps Releases Google+ App for BlackBerry With Instant Photo Upload and More


Smarter Apps has just launched a beta version of its Google+ app for BlackBerry. One of the coolest features of the app is that it lets you automatically upload images to Google+ that you take with your camera. Generally, we don’t hear of many people using Google+ and it seems like a pretty lackluster social network, but perhaps this BlackBerry app will bring some new interest in the social network from #teamblackberry.

Google Plus for BlackBerry by Smarter Apps

Features of the app include:

  • Circles let you determine who you are going to share information with. Create and view circles and add people to your circles using your BlackBerry
  • Photos lets you view your Google+ photos as well as the pictures of people in your circles.
  • Visit the stream to get updates from your circles or see what people are saying nearby.
  • Instant Upload automatically uploads photos to your own private album on Google+, making sharing a snap.
  • Messenger is not included in the first version of Google+ for BlackBerry but is coming soon!

Download the free Google+ app by Smarter Apps in App World at this link.

  • Anonymous

    This app inserts a banner ad in your view of your stream; I found this annoying enough that I deleted the app right after installing it and discovering so. Hopefully the publisher will consider releasing a version of the app (for-pay perhaps?) that doesn’t clutter one’s screen with adverts.