Blaq Twitter Client for PlayBook Updated to Version 1.7 With Portrait Mode, TweetMarker and More


Blaq is an awesome Twitter client for the PlayBook that has all the features a Twitter power user needs to tweet from your tablet. With multiple-account support, various ways to tweet, URL shortening and more, Blaq is gives you an awesome Twitter experience for the PlayBook. With the latest update, Blaq brings some great new features including Portrait Mode (a fun way to read your tweets), auto-correct and spellcheck, LED notifications and more. We recommend Blaq to all Twitter users, both casual and professional.

Here is what’s new in the latest version of Blaq:

  • Portrait Mode
  • Auto-correct and spell check
  • LED notifications
  • New Tweets - White
  • Mentions - Blue
  • DMs - Green
  • Followers -Yellow
  • TweetMarker support - Never lose your spot again! TweetMarker bookmarks your position in any client supporting it (must be enabled in Advanced Options > Services)
  • Toggle Real-time streaming - This has been a HUGE request. Granted. Tap the real-time indicator to toggle.
  • Favorited tweets - Swipe from the top bezel then tap the star
  • Dedicated help section to make it easier to learn the ins and outs
  • Saved Searches - Easily tap the star in your search field to add a new saved search. Tap a saved search then untap the star to remove it. I’s that simple!
  • Get your copy of Blaq for the BlackBerry PlayBook at this App World link.

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