Free Social TV Watching App Now Available for BlackBerry Smartphones and PlayBook


Yap.TV is a pretty cool service that lets you navigate TV shows via an up-to-the minute program guide that gives you the latest shows as well as what’s trending. The app gives you insight into not only what the show is about, but what people are saying about it on the Internet. Watching the latest episode of Walking Dead and getting sick of the slow plot development? Get in on the conversation. With Yap.TV, you can connect yourself to a community of people watching TV and it adds another layer of entertainment. Yap.TV was previously only available on iPad, and it is now available for BlackBerry smartphones and the PlayBook tablet.

Yap.TV for the iPad

Features of Yap.TV include:

  • See what TV show fans and the stars themselves are saying on Twitter
  • Create a TV poll around one of your favorite shows
  • Sign-in with Facebook and see what friends are watching
  • Compare show likes
  • Automagically see when your favorite shows are on TV
  • Get synched, exclusive, content with live TV shows using yap.TV Pulse
  • See what friends and fans are saying on Twitter around your favorite shows
  • Create and vote on TV fan polls
  • See TV show pictures and videos
  • See what the top 20 social shows are and jump in
  • Personalize your guide by picking a TV provider, rearranging your lineup, hide/show channels

Check out Yap.TV for free in BlackBerry App World.