Pacemaker DJ App Coming to PlayBook Because Of Its “Highly Responsive User Interface”


The Pacemaker Device is a DJ’ing tool that combines a music device like an iPod with a touchpad and interface that allows you to mix beats. It basically acts like taking your turntables and entire DJ setup and shrinks it down to something you can fit inside a coat pocket. Recently, the company announced that it will be partnering with RIM to take the technology and put it on the BlackBerry PlayBook. According to the company, it has investigated a wide range of mobile platforms (assuming Apple products included), and it has selected the PlayBoook “due to its highly responsive user interface.” Score one for RIM! DJ’s love BlackBerry.

DJs love BlackBerry (YouTube link).

This is from the Pacemaker Facebook page:

Hola, we’ve got some exciting news!
Today we proudly announced a partnership with RIM / BlackBerry at a press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
As a result, we’re porting the technology of Pacemaker® Device onto the BlackBerry PlayBook.
After investigating a wide range of mobile platforms to make a digital transition we selected the PlayBook due to its highly responsive user interface. DJ’s requires very low latency and the PlayBook delivers very well on that aspect.

For those who don’t own a BlackBerry PlayBook please stay tuned as we have future plans for other platforms as well.

Btw, our next stop will be the South By South West festival in Austin Texas, so if you’re there, let us know :)

All the best,

Pacemaker® Team

Here is a video of the Pacemaker Device in action:

YouTube link for mobile viewing.

We’ll keep you updated and we’ll be posting about this app when it goes live in App World.