RIM and Partners Announce Amazing Stats Around BlackBerry Apps, Growth and the Platform #MWC12


If you managed to check out BlackBerry at Mobile World Congress, and specifically its presence at App Planet, you most likely got a glimpse at some of the amazing success stories for not only RIM but its partners. There are plenty of success stories on BlackBerry and RIM is working hard to make sure that message gets out. It’s probably a difficult process because companies don’t necessarily want to divulge information about how much money they make or how many downloads they received in case the competition is watching and decides to enter their market. Nonetheless, what we’ve seen at Mobile World Congress has been really impressive. Take a look below at some of the success stories for not only RIM but its partners and developers supporting the platform.

MWC Developer Day Sessions
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The above is a series of slides we’ve seen before when Alec Saunders presented them at the BlackBery Developer Conference. The numbers have been updated and include some amazing stats including:

  • There are 75 million active BlackBerry subscribers today. That’s 20 million more subscribers than last year.
  • 6 million App World downloads per day.
  • 174 million downloads per month or nearly 30 downloads per year.
  • BlackBerry App World has more paid downloads than Android Market.
  • 2nd most profitable app store after Apple.
  • App World apps generate 40% more revenue than Andorid Market apps.
  • 13% of BlackBerry developers have made $100,000 or omore from BlackBerry App World apps.

The above slides show where RIM is going with the platform and it’s great to see the company support so many different code bases, making it easy for developers to come to the BlackBerry platform.

This slide gives you an idea of what to expect for BlackBerry 10 including a Cascades framework on top for beautifully designed apps and at the base is a core layer of APIs to create Super Apps. In between, you’ve got a wide range of APIs and the ability to write the apps in C++.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from the Android section of the slides that says 65% of existing Android applications require no change.

Did you know the PlayBook consisted of 22% of paid app purchases in App World? Amazing.

Peter Valin of RIM had some really interesting global growth stats including:

  • 75 million subscribers and growing
  • 164 markets supported and growing
  • 14 languages supported and growing
  • Averaging 174 mlilion downloads per month and growing fast
  • Over 2 Billion downloads reached in January 2012
  • Over 60,000 apps available and growing

  • Carrier billing available with 40 carriers worldwide in 34 countries and many more coming soon
  • Carrier billing makes up 34$ of purchases
  • Carrier Channel avialable with 13 carriers worldwide and 25 more to launch within the next quarter.

Average revenue by carrier increases from 100% to 300%!

Since the launch in July 2011, 568 BBM Connected apps have generated over 140 million downloads.

MWC - Monitise
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Royal Bank of Scotland Group had some incredible success with their mobile banking app including:

  • 2.3Bn worth of transfers
  • 2,500,000 customer logins
  • 1,200+ new registrations per day
  • 10 times/month customer interactions
MWC - Lineas
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LINEAS Informationstechnik GmbH also had some great news that its apps have seen over 1,500,000 downloads!

MWC - Interchange Group Sky Sports
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IG Football Score Centre announced that its BlackBerry app received over 1 million downlods in the UK alone.

MWC - Nobex
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Nobex Radio had some very positive things to say about BBM integration including the fact that BBM integration gave the app an increase of 52% in average daily downloads. Nobex also said at the end of the presentation that although it’s too early to tell but it sees signs of an additional 50% increase.

MWC - Box
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The Box for BlackBerry PlayBook app launched in September 2011 and has seen an additional 500K users and 16% of its tablet users come from PlayBook.

Check out all the slide decks from Mobile World Congress at RIM’s SlideShare site.

These are the SlideShare documents that pertain specifically to MWC.

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