RIM Tops 25 Million Social Media Followers of BlackBerry


The BlackBerry brand has been gaining popularity among their users through social media. Today the official count is 27.1 million fans and followers of the Inside BlackBerry blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I am a follower of BlackBerry through these channels and I find them to be a good source of BlackBerry tips and tricks.

Here’s the breakdown of BlackBerry Fans and Followers by region:

  • Europe Middle East and Africa: 2.2 million+
  • Latin America: 4.4 million+
  • Asia Pacific: 4.2 million+
  • Corporate / North America: 16.3 million+

Team BlackBerry can be followed through a variety of channels.
If you’re interested in the business angle I suggest following BlackBerry for Business on LinkedIn.

Click here to follow BlackBerry on Facebook or Twitter

To keep up on the latest official BlackBerry news, check out the Inside BlackBerry Blog.

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