Free Endomondo Sports Tracker Tracks Your Runs and Rides


Endomondo is a GPS-enabled sports tracker that will keep track of all your sports activity. With a clean interface, built-in music player, Endomondo is an ideal app for any sports-minded BlackBerry User. Keeping motivated is sometimes the hardest task. Enter Endomondo: a full-featured sports tracker with lots of options to help you record and track all of your exercise.

Endomondo motivates users in lots of different ways. Keeping track of your exercise data has a great effect of getting you to improve your stats. The app counts duration, distance, speed and calories as well as keeps info about the particular exercise you’re doing to log sessions with the service. The software also has a good social layer allowing you to compete stat-for-stat with friends, or publish workouts to BBM or Facebook.

Other features include:

  • Get audio feedback for every mile or km competed
  • The ability to enter workouts manually
  • Live peptalks from friends if you post your workout session on Facebook
  • Race against a friends’s time on a particular route
  • Challenge friends to workouts and routes
  • See your route on a map

Tracking your workouts from your BlackBerry can be a great motivator, especially when the Endomondo web suite of stats breaks down the data in such a great way. I especially like the calorie tracking over many different activities and the goal-oriented distance calculator in my profile. The way that they add up all your runs in units of “trips around the world” and “trips to the moon” make achieving long-term goals all the more exciting.

Click here to download Endomondo Sports Tracker free from BlackBerry App World.

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