Official BlackBerry Bluetooth Keyboard for PlayBook Available Pre-Order At The Source for $99


We’ve just recently been tipped off that the official BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard for the PlayBook is now available for pre-order from The Source for $99.The Official BlackBerry Bluetooth keyboard is going to be a killer accessory for PlayBook users. The Source’s online customer support even told us that the PlayBook keyboard will hold a single charge for up to 30 days! This is going to make your PlayBook a pretty awesome laptop replacement.

Features of the BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth keyboard include:

  • Durable, protective and secure to hold the tablet in place during travel
  • Adjusts PlayBook display to comfortable viewing settings, perfect for work or play
  • Complete with left and right mouse clicks for laptop-like functionality
  • Sleek and stylish design accompanied by comfortable feel for productive typing

Pre-order the Bluetooth Keyboard from The Source online at this link.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I have nothing else to obsess over until the BB10′s get closer to launch, so this is my current thing.  I’ve been waiting for months and months for this.  I’d love to see a hands-on review to see how well the 7-inch physical keyboard works and how responsive the trackpad is.  Its typically mystifying of RIM that, after all this time, they release it to a Canada-only retailer for pre-order.  Arrrghhhhhh! 

  • Kyle McInnes

    It could have something to do with PlayBook sales in Canada being particularly good. It was the top selling tablet at Best Buy and Future Shop in Canada.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using the Playbook for months now. Very impressive hardware- and the OS so smooth, fast and slick. It make Andoid look duncy in comparison. RIM really did their homework in acquiring QNX and this OS will likely be one of the best things out there. Is the iPad better? Sure,… maybe, but it also costs 3x as much. So for the price, Playbook is perhaps the best tablet out there.