BlackBerry Playbook Bluetooth Mini Keyboard Launches


Hot on the heels of the Playbook 2.0 software update, RIM has launched their official Bluetooth Keyboard for the BlackBerry Playbook. Now Available for $119.99 with free shipping from the official BlackBerry store, the keyboard and multi-touchpad accessory will be shipping on March 23rd.

For mobile users, check out a video demo of the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard here.

Designed by the makers of the BlackBerry Playbook, this official Playbook companion accessory is designed to fold out into a compact workstation enabling you to type long emails or work on documents with the Playbook’s included Docs To Go office mobile office suite.

Features of the BlackBerry PlayBook Bluetooth keyboard include:

  • Durable, protective and secure to hold the tablet in place during travel
  • Adjusts PlayBook display to comfortable viewing settings, perfect for work or play
  • Complete with left and right mouse clicks for laptop-like functionality
  • Sleek and stylish design accompanied by comfortable feel for productive typing

Buy the official Bluetooth Mini Keyboard for BlackBerry Playbook with free shipping for $119.99

  • Kyle McInnes

    Comment from a friend who has one: 

    “I must say this thing is built very solid, comes with a case (much like the Convertible PlayBook case available in stores already) and it fits the keyboard. I’ve had zero issues with pairing or re-connecting once Bluetooth was turned on/off. It even has typical shortcuts built into it that everyone is already used to, such as Ctrl+V for paste, Ctrl+B for bold text, etc. Anyways, big thumbs up. I think they’re going to sell a tonne of them.”

  • Cossak2007

    What am I missing?
    Playbook discovered but entering passkey does nothing. Tried numerous times.

  • Afsrhrjytr