Mensa’s Free Brain Test App for BlackBerry Launches


Mensa is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. Appshen and Barnstorm Games have released the official Mensa Brain Test app for BlackBerry.

The Mensa Brain Test app has enjoyed a fair bit of success on the iOS side of things, with #1 rankings in over 17 countries. Figuring out if you belong to the top 2% of human IQ is done through a series of Mensa-approved logic, math, language and visual tests.

Mensa hopes that the mobile app will encourage those who score well to apply to Mensa. The app has a few different modes: a short test featuring 20 questions, a medium test with 40 questions and a long test with 60 questions. Once the test is complete, you can post your certificate showing your score on Facebook.

Download Mensa Brain Test for free from BlackBerry App World

  • Mark

    Free? Says $1.99 for me.

  • ArneLine

    not free

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