The Foursquare Prank That You Should Play Right Now


The most annoying thing that people do with Foursquare is broadcast their boring errands on the service, and worse, publish them on Twitter. Nobody cares that you’re at Walmart right now! The only time you’re allowed to checkin on Foursquare is if a) you’re at a party and want your friends to see and come, b) it’s a special event or c) you’re doing it for the badge. Otherwise, stop telling everyone that you’re getting gas at Esso. My life is filled with enough boring minutiae and I don’t need yours too. Anyways, here’s a great prank to get back at everyone checking in to their boring lives.

YouTube link for mobile viewing.

The best part: “Hi is this Leanna? Hey this is Pixelcat and I noticed you just ousted me as the mayor of The Foot Zone, and I’m very upset about this. I’d like it back.”

Big thanks to Benjamin Leo at Street Carnage for finding this.

PS - There’s some swearing in this video so don’t blast it in your office.

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