FileScout File Sharing Application Now Features WiFi File Sharing With Drag and Drop User Interface


FileScout is a great app that we’ve been writing about for a long time now and features a lot of useful filesharing features for your BlackBerry. Recently, the app added filesharing over WiFi which allows you to share files between your BlackBerry and your Desktop without even paying for the app (it’s available for FileScoutLite users).

YouTube video of new filesharing feature at this link.

We found the setup process to be a little user unfriendly but if you’re familiar with common WiFi filesharing terms like SSID you shouldn’t have a problem. Also, the app works really well in conjunction with LittleBrother, which can remember your WiFi routers and automagically connect you.

The drag and drop user interface for FileScout is something quite beautiful. It allows you to share files to and from your BlackBerry to your desktop by simply connecting and then dragging the files as you would normally.

Check out FileScout in BlackBerry App World which features a free trial at this link.

  • BCMike

    I’d never known about this option and I’ve run FileScout since I had OS 4 on a Bold 9000.  I’m a Fixmo Tool user and have used the WiFi transfer tool there for years.  This one runs about identically.  Pretty smooth.