Free Backlight Control App: Backlight On for BlackBerry


Backlight On is a free backlight control app by Ostwald Designs that lets you choose which apps have no backlight timeout causing your BlackBerry to go dark with no input. Sort of similar to how the BlackBerry OS already treats the first-party video player: the backlight will stay on until the video is over.

I find this app particularly handy because I like saving battery by keeping my backlight timeout time to a low. This app allows me to have one of the more battery-efficient backlight timeout times that I can handle, while still having a couple of specific apps whitelisted that don’t require a lot of user input while running.

The couple of apps that I chose to keep constantly lit are Texas Hold ‘em King LIVE and Google Maps. Those are my apps that with a 15 second timeout go dark multiple times per session. I can see this app being ideal for car-mounted BlackBerry setups too.

Download Backlight On free from BlackBerry App World

  • Diego Nei

    This is nice, but what I would even pay for is an app that would keep my backlight settings as they are… Disable the sensor and prevent the berry from becoming ultra bright when I least expect it to…

  • Glenn

    Would be nice if this worked on the Playbook

  • BCMike

    I grabbed it and the control of backlight for specific apps (Maps in particular) is great.  I can’t seem to get the menu toggle to appear though.  I’m on a Rogers BES 9810 OS7.0.0.585.  The ability to toggle backlight on/off from menu/QL would be great!  Too bad that function wont activate for me.